Why work with us? We not only re-envision and elevate the food hall experience, but also lead the rapidly-expanding food hall industry with a record number of firsts in food, drink, hospitality, design, and technology.

Having roots in New Orleans translates to an unparalleled approach to hospitality and service – our pride and joy. From design-forward spaces that invite visits of all types to elegant china and real silverware, Guest Assistants who greet and guide to our thoughtful selection of food and beverage purveyors, our spaces demonstrate the beauty of a carefully curated experience in a world that is increasingly automated.

With 40+ unique food concept brands launched, 8 brick-and-mortar graduates, and 200+ employees on our service teams, we continue to seek ways to create opportunities for and provide tools to people passionate about food and beverage to make their dreams a reality. Whether your role at Politan Row is your first job or your tenth, you will be shoulder-to-shoulder with experienced leaders, creative and entrepreneurial chefs, and energetic teammates eager to learn it all.


Why work with Politan Row?

  • Growth potential for all team members, thanks to belonging to an agile company that’s quickly expanding

  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate any lifestyle

  • Continuous learning while working on teams comprised of all experience levels

  • Ability to work hand-in-hand with others passionate about hospitality around award-winning food and drink

  • Opportunity to travel and learn from colleagues in some of the most exciting cities in the country

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