Growth is one of our core values for a reason: we believe in providing opportunities for people to pursue their interests and passions, learning all they can along the way.


I was the opening General Manager of St. Roch Market Miami and I knew from the jump that I wanted to grow with this company. In the past year and a half, I’m most proud of how I’ve been able to help others come into their own: my Assistant General Manager in Miami is now the General Manager, and my role now is focused on fostering that same success in others across all our markets, in every position.

Peter Rounce
Vice President of Corporate Development


I was in a very corporate-minded hotel world for over ten years where everything… just was what it was. People didn’t listen to problems or ideas because of an SOP that was written fifteen years ago. When I went to Chicago to help train the opening bar team there, I saw how much the training program had developed for the better under Sophie [Burton], our Beverage Director, who was an opening bartender with me at Auction House Market just over a year ago. It’s refreshing to see.

Benton Bourgeois
Bar Manager, St. Roch Market New Orleans